Pumpkin Pie

INGREDIENTS - rolled oats - oil - water - sugar - salt - canned pumpkin - coconut condensed milk - pumpkin pie spice - tapioca starch

STEP 1 Process the oats, oil, water, sugar, salt, and water in a food processor until it comes together.

STEP 2 Press the dough into a pie plate and freeze.

STEP 3 Mix together the pumpkin, coconut condensed milk, spices, salt, and tapioca.

STEP 4 Pour the filling over the crust and bake!

STEP 5 Let it cool completely before chilling in the fridge.

Slice and serve!

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This vegan pumpkin pie has a velvety pumpkin filling in a fuss-free press-in oat crust.  It's also gluten-free, and made with just 8 ingredients!