Thai Green Curry

INGREDIENTS - coconut oil - vegan calamari - eggplant - broccoli - baby corn - green curry paste - coconut milk - vegetable broth - salt - sugar

STEP 1 Saute calamari in coconut oil.

STEP 2 Add more coconut oil, broccoli, and eggplant.

STEP 3 In another pot, heat coconut oil and add the green curry paste. Then stir in the coconut milk.

STEP 4 Once it reaches a boil, add the stock, water, sautéed calamari and vegetables, and baby corn.

STEP 5 Simmer, then add salt and sugar to taste. Done!

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This Thai green curry with vegan calamari is spicy yet comforting! This plant-based meal is so flavorful, you won't be missing real calamari!