Lemon  Thumbprint  Cookies

INGREDIENTS - vegan butter - sugar' - lemon juice - evaporated oat milk - cornstarch - lemon zest - turmeric - GF flour - almond flour - salt - coconut oil - vanilla

STEP 1 Make the lemon curd by mixing together granulated sugar and cornstarch. Add lemon juice, evaporated oat milk, lemon zest, and turmeric.

STEP 2 Add vegan butter and whisk until thickened, then remove from heat.

STEP 3 Make the cookies by creaming together the softened vegan butter, melted coconut oil, and granulated sugar. Add the evaporated oat milk and vanilla extract.

STEP 4 Add the dry ingredients and allow batter to rest.

STEP 5 Shape into cookies and bake. When done baking, take a teaspoon and press on the surface of each cookie to create an indentation. Allow to cool!

STEP 6 Dust with powdered sugar.

STEP 7 Fill with lemon curd!

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These vegan lemon thumbprint cookies are delicious sugar cookies topped with luscious vegan lemon curd! Easy to make and so delicious!