Kitchen Sink Cookies

INGREDIENTS - butter - brown sugar - sugar - egg - corn syrup - vanilla - flour - salt - baking soda & powder - chocolate chips - potato chips - pretzels - toffee bits

STEP 1 Cream together butter and sugars.

STEP 2 Add egg, corn syrup, and vanilla.

STEP 3 Whisk together dry ingredients, then add them to the wet ingredients.

STEP 4 Fold in the chocolate chips, potato chips, pretzels, and toffee bits.

STEP 5 Refrigerate the dough, then roll into cookie balls.

STEP 6 Place on a lined cookie sheet and bake!


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These kitchen sink cookies are loaded with everything but the kitchen sink! Featuring a rich, buttery dough, chocolate chips, toffee bits, pretzels, and potato chips, my kitchen sink cookie recipe is one for the books.