Whoopie Pies

INGREDIENTS - GF flour - cornstarch - cocoa powder - salt - baking soda/powder - butter - oil - brown sugar - eggs - buttermilk - vanilla - espresso powder - shortening - powdered sugar

STEP 1 Mix together the melted butter, oil, brown sugar, and instant espresso.

STEP 2 Add the eggs.

STEP 3 Add the buttermilk and vanilla extract and beat until smooth.

STEP 4 Combine dry ingredients, then add to the wet ingredients.

STEP 5 Scoop batter onto a baking sheet and bake.

STEP 6 Make the frosting. Beat the butter and shortening together, then add powdered sugar, vanilla, and salt.

STEP 7 Place in a piping bag, then pipe the frosting onto half the cookies.

STEP 8 Sandwich them together, and eat!


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With soft & cakey chocolate sandwich cakes and an old-fashioned vanilla filling, Gluten-Free Whoopie Pies are everything delicious and nostalgic without any of the wheat products or gluten!