Homemade Lemon Rolls

Homemade Lemon Rolls

INGREDIENTS - bread flour - salt - sugar - butter - egg - milk - yeast - lemon zest - cream cheese - powdered sugar

STEP 1 Make the dough in a bread machine.

STEP 2 Roll the dough into a rectangle then sprinkle with butter, lemon zest, and sugar.

STEP 3 Roll into a log shape and cut into rolls.

STEP 4 Allow to rise, then bake!

STEP 5 Meanwhile make the frosting.

STEP 6 Drizzle with frosting and serve!

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 Incredibly fluffy, sticky from the frosting, full of lemon flavor, and just delightful. You have to make them. Bring them to brunch with friends, bring them to work to share with coworkers, or don't tell anyone you're baking these and devour them all on your own.