Christmas Cookies


Tips for the best holiday cookies!


Without creaming the butter properly, you'll end up with dense cookies!

Cream the butter and sugar really well

Bake a test batch


I highly recommend baking just one or two cookies to see if they bake up perfectly before baking the rest of the batch, so you can see if you need to adjust the baking temperature or baking times for your oven.

Let the cookies cool completely


Just like any gluten-free baked dessert, you want to let your cookies cool completely before eating them. They can be too soft while they're still warm.

Use a large round cookie cutter for perfectly circular cookies


Immediately after the cookies come out of the oven, take a large round cookie cutter and place it on the parchment paper so that the baked cookie fits inside the cookie cutter. Swirl the cookie cutter around until your soft baked cookie is a perfect circle.

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