Dulce de  Leche Crepe Cake

Dulce de  Leche Crepe Cake

INGREDIENTS - sweetened condensed coconut milk - flour - salt - cinnamon - baking powder - olive oil - almond milk - coconut whipping cream - powdered sugar - vanilla

STEP 1 Bake the sweetened condensed milk in the oven.

STEP 2 Blend the flour, salt, cinnamon, baking powder, olive oil, and almond milk.

STEP 3 Heat the olive oil in a pan and make the crepes.

STEP 4 Whip the coconut whipping cream.

STEP 5 Stack the crepes on a serving plate and top with the dulce de leche and whipping cream.

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Coconut whipped cream and crêpes layered and topped with vegan dulce de leche! Whether you call it gâteau de crêpes or crepe cake, it's a beautiful dessert!