Chocolate Mocha Cake

INGREDIENTS - cake flour - cocoa powder - salt - baking powder & soda - eggs - sugar - brown sugar - oil - sour cream - milk - espresso powder - vanilla - amaretto - butter - powdered sugar

STEP 1 Sift together the dry ingredients.

STEP 2 Combine the eggs, granulated sugar, light brown sugar, olive oil, sour cream, milk, water, instant espresso, and vanilla, then add the dry ingredients.

STEP 3 Pour the batter into greased cake pans and bake!

STEP 4 Combine the sugar and amaretto in a small bowl and set aside.

STEP 5 Make the frosting by beating together the butter and cream cheese, then add in powdered sugar, vanilla, and espresso powder.

STEP 6 Brush the cooled cake rounds with the amaretto simple syrup, then assemble the cake.

STEP 7 Slice and serve!

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This chocolate mocha cake is rich, moist and decadent, made with espresso powder and amaretto simple syrup!