Summer Cupcake Recipes

Summer Cupcake Recipes

Dairy-free vanilla cupcakes

My Dairy-Free Vanilla Cupcakes have a lovely, tender crumb and a gorgeously rich and creamy buttercream frosting, all without the unpleasant side effects.

Matcha cupcakes

These matcha cupcakes are tender and fluffy! They’re topped with a silky white chocolate frosting! Enjoy this super delicious matcha dessert while also enjoying the nutritional benefits of matcha green tea!

corn blackberry cupcakes

They taste like a fluffy and moist cornbread, and pairs so well with the tart fruity blackberries! They would be a great dessert option at your Independence Day barbecue!

chocolate banana cupcakes

These vegan chocolate banana cupcakes are the perfect summer dessert! They're fluffy, moist, and topped with a rich and creamy vegan chocolate buttercream!

carrot cake cupcakes

These carrot cake cupcakes are fluffy and moist, and topped with creamy lemon cream cheese frosting.