5 Matcha Dessert Recipes

5 Matcha Dessert Recipes

Matcha Cupcakes

These matcha cupcakes are tender and fluffy! They’re topped with a silky white chocolate frosting! Enjoy this super delicious matcha dessert while also enjoying the nutritional benefits of matcha green tea!

Matcha Cake Bites

Matcha financiers are dainty French almond cakes with a Japanese green tea twist! These matcha almond cake bites are full of browned butter, almond flour, and sweet earthy matcha powder.

Matcha oreo blondies

Matcha Oreo blondies are fudgy, chewy, and buttery like classic blondies. The combination of earthy matcha powder and dark cocoa Oreos are hard to pass!

matcha cake

This cake is sure to please any crowd: with an impressive and eye-catching hue, a tender crumb, and nutty and sweet matcha, this baked confection is sure to delight!

matcha tiramisu

My recipe for vegan matcha tiramisu has layers of fluffy and moist matcha cake, luscious matcha sauce, and rich coconut whipped cream!