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Yellow Dots
Yellow Dots

Spooky & Delicious...

4 Delicious Halloween Recipes!


Fluffy and tender buns that not only look like pumpkins but have pumpkin in the bread dough! You can use it for all types of sandwiches and burgers!

Pumpkin buns


White chocolate eyeballs

These chocolate eyeballs have a secret filling... sweetened purple sweet potato! Wait for the next slide to see how I used these eyeballs in another Halloween treat...


Black Sesame Cupcakes

Fluffy black sesame cupcakes are frosted with black sesame buttercream, and topped with the white chocolate eyeballs!


Spooky Cookie Sandwiches

Two chewy oatmeal cookies with a super easy fudge sandwiched between! Add a couple candy eyes and you're ready for Halloween!